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Clare Posnack

Consultant, Teacher, Language Partner

Clare Posnack has a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing and an Associate in Applied Science degree in Fashion Buying and Merchandizing. She is TESOL, TESL, and TEFL certified, and has taught English at the Academia Solidaria in Valencia, Spain. She has participated in volunteer conversation programs in Germany, Poland, and Spain.

As a co-founder of Global Beginnings, Clare has presented internationally in seminars for the Danish Royal Ministry, the Colombian Trade Commission, the Spanish Trade Commission, the Peruvian Trade Commission, and the Bursa Chamber of Commerce. She consults regularly with international exhibitors at the Playtime trade shows in Paris and New York.

Clare has held positions as Vice President of Marketing and Sales and has managed sales forces and directed distribution for several high-end apparel companies.

A life-long Francophile and student of French, Clare speaks French comfortably at an intermediate level. She is an active organizer of international dining events as well as small-audience musical evenings.

Bernice Levy has a Master of Science degree in Education, and post masters work in writing, language acquisition, psychology, cooperative learning, communication, and curriculum development. She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in Education and a minor in English.

Bernice volunteered for several years as an English-language partner in the International Center of New York, and has been a language partner and presentation trainer in English-language immersion programs in Europe. She also has been a devoted private tutor to adults and children.

In her 30 years as a classroom teacher and as a staff-development trainer, she focused on encouraging learners to advance through self-awareness and goal setting in a supportive, safe environment. Her greatest satisfaction is to see learners gain a higher level of competence and confidence, assuring that they will keep growing beyond the end of the training period as they  put their newly internalized self-checking techniques to work.

A constant student, Bernice is continuing her education through literature courses, language study, writing, and travel. As a result of her attempts to master foreign languages, she has developed a strong sense of empathy and respect for other language learners. Her second language is French.

Bernice Levy

Teacher. Trainer. Language Partner

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